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Software built to reduce and limit the economic and social hardship communities are facing

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Enterprise Mobile Payments and Disbursements

A SaaS platform that enables you to receive and send mobile money and bank payments across Africa.

Asset Management, Savings and Loans

Increase the profitability of your assets, manage your subscriptions, creditors and debtors using Paymoja CMS

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

With ChatBot, automating customer service is a breeze. An all-in-one platform to build and launch conversational chatbots without coding.

A New Model for a New Era!

We believe that the future of financial inclusion will be the fast, low cost, mobile delivery of digital financial services. We call this Financial Inclusion 2.0. When every person has a mobile phone, and transactions are digital, then every phone will be a bank … and every person will be accessible, at low cost, and every financial service will be just a mobile app.

Use Cases of Future Chatbots in Banking

“Enough” doesn’t make it anymore. We need more. It’s crucial, and customers demand not going to the branches of their banks to resolve issues of their day-to-day, which would quickly be addressed through a chatbot.

Transactions and Personal Finance Management


Opening Bank Accounts


Credit Requests


Customized solutions

We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success.

Community Loans and Savings

Establishing savings groups and loan associations to help thousands of people in small catholic communities (Bubondo) take steps toward self-sufficiency.

Community Asset Management

Improving the way communities manage and collect revenue from their assets in order to increase their income, using innovative technology and mobile payments.

Community Financial Literacy

In partnership with the catholic church, we are working to improve financial literacy in catholic communities. We are helping grow the catholic congregation financially.

Mobile Payments and Disbursements

Companies are continuously trying to meet customers where they are, which means they must offer their full range of services via mobile — including hassle-free disbursements. The demand for mobile disbursements comes as more consumers rely on their smartphones for their financial needs.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Financial institutions must engage with their customers and members in the right way, and at the right place and time. A good integration of chatbots as part of the engagement process can provide consumers with quick and personalized interactions, using machine learning and artificial intelligence as a foundation.

Mobile and Internet Banking

Our banking platform as a service brings a wide range of banking facilities to customers’ fingertips, making it convenient for users and a cost-effective proposition for banking firms. Retail and corporate customers can expect a rich, secure and an intuitive payment experience with our mobile banking platform.

Web Application Development

From corporate enterprise applications to effective e-commerce solutions, we develop top-notch web applications that are built to perform.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Payments for Small and Medium Business

Mobile payments facilitate payment with most mobile devices which simplifies the transaction process the merchant and client.

EFRIS Integration

We have built a robust API to seamlessly integrate your business with the EFRIS tax system in Uganda

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Paymoja has built strong partnerships with large communities that help us impact millions of people at a rapid rate.

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Customer satisfaction

Our clients are our top priority. Paymoja's values are built on providing efficiency, value for money and sustainability for our customers.

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We build robust, secure and intuitive applications aimed at meeting our clients needs.

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